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The main benefit of topical pain relief creams is that they almost entirely eliminate the vast majority of the dangerous side effects which can come from oral medications. From stomach problems and ulcers to dangerous reactions, oral medications can bring plenty of problems with them- which is why a topical treatment is the smart choice. Since there’s no blood absorption involved, and the medication doesn’t need to pass through the digestive tract, many of these side effects are completely avoided.<
What’s more, topical creams work much faster than oral medications, since they don’t need to be digested before they get to work on pain and inflammation. Instead, they get to work right away- a benefit which anyone suffering from acute or chronic pain will understand. It is also impossible to develop an addiction to these creams, therefore avoiding any withdrawal effects.

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Currently, over a third of U.S. citizens are living with either acute or chronic pain. Clearly, that’s a problem that needs to be dealt with- fast. But patients need results that work for them. They require pain relief options that work quickly, are noninvasive, and which are covered by their insurance. Fortunately for you, 41 Genes has just such the solution, which can be used to treat any and all pain conditions or scarring.

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